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Voice-Controlled Lego Car


This lego car is driven by a DC motor, and controlled by sound.
Bits used: dc motor, power, sound trigger

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Credits: www.barnabasrobotics.com


Free Instructions

1 Make a lego enclosure for your littleBits battery.

2 Connect your enclosure to your lego car.

3 Insert your littleBits battery along with your power bit and cable.

4 Make a lego step stool for your littleBits circuit to rest on while your car moves. You’ll need to put two extra lego panels in between the bottom of the car and the panel that the circuits rests on. This will allow your littleBits circuit to rest correctly.

5 Connect your lego step stool to the bottom of your car.

6 Connect your DC motor bit to the back axel of your lego car. The standard coupling that comes with the littleBits DC motor fits perfectly!

7 Connect the sound trigger bit in between the power bit and the DC motor bit to complete the circuit. Now rest the circuit on your step stool. Add some lego men, and you are now ready to go. Power on the circuit, and say “Go!”

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