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Clapper Machine


Now you can clap on any household object! This sound-activated circuit uses the IR transmitter and the AC Switch to bring your appliances to life.

Bits used: Bright led, IR transmitter, power, sound trigger, AC switch, batter + cable

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STEP 1 First assemble your circuit. Battery and cable + power + sound trigger + IR transmitter. You will also want to adjust the sensitivity of the sound trigger [with the little purple screwdriver] so that the sound trigger reacts to a certain volume level. If you want, you can lock your circuit together with either a mounting board of littleBits Shoes. Click here for the circuit diagram.

STEP 2 Now you will need to pair the IR transmitter with the AC Switch. Check out our Tips & Tricks to learn how to do this.

STEP 3 Test the circuit. Now, when you activate the sound trigger [clap!], your household device [blender, record player, lamp] will turn on. Clap again and your device should turn off. STEP 4 Clap your stuff on!


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