Educators’ FAQ




If you’re a Canadian school or library looking to create a Maker program, we invite you to connect with us for special discounts, resources and more. We routinely work with educators to create meaningful and fun programs of all sizes that target a range of ages and abilities. We are happy to tailor an order for your class based on size, grade, budget and project or curriculum outcomes.

Below please find some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

I’ve received special funding to start a STEM Club in my school. Do you offer a discount for large orders?

Answer: Congrats and good luck with your STEM programming! Please be in touch so we can discuss your curriculum outcomes, age and ability of your students, class size and more. We can help you maximize your budget and find the right mix of products and equipment for your needs. We are happy to extend our 5% educator’s discount on large and small orders.

I’m an educator interested in starting an after school Maker club. Do you have discounts for small orders?

Answer: Yes! We understand that budgets are tight, especially when starting an inaugural program. We are happy to extend our educator’s discount on orders of any size.

Can you provide a Quote for a Purchase Order or do you only accept payments in advance?

Answer: If you are an educational institution, like a school or university, we are happy to quote you on your order for a Purchase Order from your institution’s purchasing department. Payment is due on receipt and can be made by credit card or institution cheque. Please be in touch for a quote for your school.

How much stock do you carry in inventory? We need to place a large order!

Answer: Generally speaking, we carry 20-40 kits in stock and about 5-10 of each component. If you require a large number of any specific item, we are happy to special order it for you.

How long do I have to wait for a special order?

Answer: We will contact our suppliers to get you a firm shipping time. A large special order can take 2-4 weeks to ship. In some instances there may be a longer delay in cases where the item is backordered with our supplier.

What are your payment types and terms?

Answer: We take all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). If you are a school or educational institution, we can accept payment by cheque as well. Generally orders are shipped as soon as payment has been received. We can ship product to schools, libraries and universities in advance of payment when they supply a purchase order from their purchasing department.

Do you offer any teaching resources?

Answer: Yes! In addition to free building and project ideas available on our site, we also are expanding our Teacher’s Resources section. Here you’ll find some lesson plans and ideas and free templates.

We can also make book and reading list suggestions if you’re looking to expand your knowledge in a particular area.

Question: What age is best for the littleBits?

Answer: Generally speaking littleBits are great for students age 8 – grade 3 – and up. Younger students can absolutely use the littleBits system, however they may require more guidance and help when attaching their circuits to their inventions (mounting on lego, attaching to craft or household supplies, etc.). For those students following set project directions, they would need the ability to read and follow sequential written and pictogram directions.

Are MaKey MaKeys good for classrooms?

Answer: MaKey MaKeys are great fun and really get students thinking about what and how to form circuits. The thing to keep in mind about MaKey MaKeys is that they require a computer hookup and internet connection. We suggest you order the same number of MaKey MaKey kits as classroom computers you can access.

How do you ship and what are shipping costs?

Answer: We generally ship by courier, such as UPS, Purolator and Loomis. All of our packages are carefully wrapped and are fully insured to prevent any damage during transportation. Because of the high value of our goods, we typically ask for signature at the order’s final destination.


If you need a shipping quote for your school, please get in touch. Shipping rates are calculated by geographic distance from our home base in Toronto, Canada. Typically shipping runs about 7% of your order total.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Answer: We ship by courier across Canada. Processing orders can take up to 3 days, but typically are sent out the next business day.

Your order will typically arrive within 4 business days. You will receive a tracking number by email to follow your package’s progress.

If you are located within Toronto and would like to avoid courier shipping charges, please be in touch.