About Us



Play, Create, Invent

We’re passionate about play and believe it’s the wellspring of innovation and creativity for young and old. We also think kids should grow up understanding how the world works and today that means having a fundamental knowledge of how technology functions in everyday life. The kits, games, and toys you’ll find at Makerspace Canada are all STEAM/STEM focused with high open-ended, play value.


Creativity and curiosity is all you need to innovate. We want to provide the tools that helps spark inspiration. With these kits and resources kids can be engineers, inventors of new objects, solvers of everyday problems and who knows, maybe even game changers and world better-ers. After all, there’s no better scientific mind than the mind of a child. Unbothered by expectation of how somethingshould work, they experiment and problem solve much faster than their grown up counterparts. So let’s let the ‘Aha!’ moments begin, and confidence build.


Kits like littleBits and MaKeyMaKey are great for users from as young as about 4 years old. Designed to work with all sorts of materials, kids can build using household objects, craft supplies and toys in their collection to create unique inventions. For the more advanced engineers in your home, Arduino hardware and Raspberry Pis are sure to get your kids excited.


We’re always on the lookout for exciting new products to feature in the shop so check back often. And follow us on our blog where we examine the intersection between parenting, technology, and education.